Three colleges at the University of Cincinnati partnered on a project to develop a telehealth drone that health professionals can send to a patient’s home. Pictured from left are Professor Victoria Wangia-Anderson, Associate Professor Seung-Yeon Lee, Director of Telehealth Debi Sampsel and Professor Manish Kumar (Photo: Joseph Fuqua II/UC Creative)



Telehealth delivery appears to be in the midst of a makeover.

Inventors at the University of Cincinnati are developing drone technology that could be used to conduct virtual visits inside people’s homes.

Once fully developed, the drone will be able to navigate indoor spaces and bring two-way communication equipment directly to patients, said Dr. Manish Kumar, one of the inventors and a professor of mechanical engineering at the University of Cincinnati, in a phone interview.

“Currently, medical drones… are used to drop off medicines to people’s homes or other places,” Kumar said. “These drones…are only used…