We’ve seen the FCC filing, so we know that a DJI Air 2S is one its way sometime before long. This will be a successor to the incredibly popular Mavic Air 2 (which happens to be one of my favourite drones). So what could be improved?

When I finally got my hands on a Mavic Air 2 loaner unit, I thought the thing was amazing. I wrote about my impressions here, and yes, I was impressed. The performance was fantastic, it was quite quick and nimble, and it had a really incredible flight time. Oh yes, plus that 48 megapixel camera. All in all, I thought DJI had really hit this one out of the park. Great size, great performance, and a really reasonable price.

So what’s next?

DJI Air 2S

We’re going to miss the Mavic name, but the next iteration – at least based on the FCC filing – will be called the DJI Air 2S. Since it’s not an Air 3, we’re expecting some additional features and improvements but not an entirely reconfigured product. Think of Apple and its “S”…


Source: dronedj.com