DJI Mini 2

We’ve heard folks chatting about a drone that we feel we need to talk about, the Drone X Pro. We’re not here to tell you it’s a bad drone, but we feel like you should shop around before you purchase this machine.

Truth told, we’re seeing more than a few similarities between the Drone X Pro and some less expensive toy-class drones, but you can be the judge if we’re reading too much into things. One simple fact remains, despite what it looks like, the Drone X Pro does not compete with the DJI Mavic Pro that it is made to look like. The Obtain drone in the image above better keeps up with the original Mavic Pro, but still isn’t as good as the original, sorry.

Drone Rush our philosophy

Drone X Pro

When we performed a web search for the Drone X Pro, many of the first results were very negative. A lot like we’re going to tell you, the results say that the drone itself is a perfectly capable toy-class machine, it’s just not worth the price they are asking. We’ll explore more below, for now,…