Volansi BVLOS Cargo Drone Delivery in Senegal

cargo drone delivery VolansiIn a big step forward for cargo drone delivery, CA-based Volansi has received flight approvals to operate beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) in Senegal.

Africa has long been a leader in drone delivery applications, starting with Zipline’s widescale medical delivery operation in Rwanda.  This latest announcement, however, is different – and represents a significant step in putting delivery drones to work in Africa and around the world.

Sky Lanes

Volansi is the currently only cargo drone operator in Senegal with BVLOS approval to operate country-wide.  To ensure safe integration with Senegal’s manned aircraft traffic, Volansi has built sky lanes, or “aerial delivery routes” for their customers. “In the near future, they plan to expand the network and become the first interconnected delivery drone network of sky lanes across the continent connecting mission points over rivers, bridges, and hills enabling reliable and quick deliveries via drone,” says the press…