VFX edits (Top 3 VFX FPV videos)

FPV meets augmented reality and visual effects. These are not your everyday FPV videos.

In this new feature we go through the different kinds of FPV styles, videos, disciplines, and “schools.” Last week we took a look at cinematic FPV, explained what makes it special, and talked a little bit about the gear. This week we’re looking at some augmented reality and VFX edits. It’s pretty obvious what makes these special.

Unlike last week, I don’t have much to say about the gear and pilot expertise. The videos tend to be slow and smooth, as this makes it easier for all the camera tracking software. Any kind of quad can be used as long as it’s carrying a high-quality recording camera. The more resolution, the better. With these kinds of videos it’s all in the post-production.

If you’re into FPV and have never watched a Stickman video, you’re in for a treat. This is the guy who “pioneered the genre,” and I strongly encourage you to go watch his other…