The US Federal Aviation Administration is looking for people to help administer online testing for recreational drone pilots. If you’re interested, time is running out to apply.

With an ever-increasing number of new drone pilots, the FAA has decided it makes sense to ensure they have basic knowledge about piloting, airspace, and safety. And so it’s in the midst of rolling out the Recreational UAS Safety Test, or TRUST. It’s contained in the FAA’s 2018 Reauthorization Bill and requires that all recreational pilots pass a knowledge/safety test. Pilots will also be required to carry proof that they’ve passed when they’re out flying.

And yes, that means you.

The FAA wants test administrators

This is a major project for the FAA, and it’s been going on in multiple stages. The first stage involved consulting with drone stakeholders and pulling together the test content. Step two involved working with stakeholders to figure out how the test should be administrated….