There are many sizes and styles of drones on the market, some are toys for flying in the back yard, some are a little more advanced, and some are targeted toward the commercial community. These commercial machines are designed for tasks such as to deliver goods, or carry infrared cameras for inspections. As with near any drone segment, there are also a great bunch of drones here for search and rescue teams to save lives. These are the best commercial drones.

    • 55 – MIN
    • 4K – 30 FPS
    • 51.5 – MPH
    • 9.3 – MILES

    The DJI Matrice 300 RTK packs multi-direction obstacle avoidance, advanced airspace awareness and multiple payloads for commercial drone operations.

    • 38 – MIN
    • 6K – 24 FPS
    • 50 – MPH
    • 5 – MILES

    DJI designed the Matrice 200 series to offer a versatile set of inspection…