Altitude Angel has announced its latest product, an airspace management solution for airports to manage drones in the airspace better. The new platform will also allow airports to better equip themselves for the upcoming EASA U-Space Regulations, which are expected to go live on January 1, 2023.

GuardianUTM Enterprise will build the company’s already popular GuardianUTM platform, giving airports access to set up access policies and create automation workflows.

This will allow the airport management team to have a clear and accurate view of the sky around the airport to keep crewed aircraft safe and ensure the drones are flying legally.

Key features of GuardianUTM Enterprise include:

  • Digitalization of pre-flight and take-off approvals to drone operators within the airspace.
  • Offers high levels of automation, including customized automated access policies and approval workflows of crewless operations.
  • Supports UTM Service Discovery via Altitude Angel’s developer platform…