The Best Action Camera Drones for Capturing the Coolest Footage

Sure, your action camera can capture amazing footage, but if you want to take your videos to the next level, it might be time to upgrade to one of the best action camera drones.

A well-built drone for professional film and photos is an investment, of both time and money. There are plenty of cheap drones out there, but they’re technically classified as toys, and though it’s tempting to save cash by going for a less-expensive model, you’ll often pay later in other ways. Cheaper drones are made with cheaper parts, often low-grade plastic, making it more easily damaged and more likely to lose control in heavy winds or get tangled (or stuck) in a tree.

A more professional prosumer drone, however, will have higher intelligent features, like automatically flying back to the start location if they’re disconnected from the controller (or running low on battery), sensors that prevent collision and, of course, better camera capabilities too.

“Video standards are constantly evolving…