We stumbled across some new software the other day. It intrigued us so much we got in touch with the company to learn more. And we see a real use for First Responders.

It’s no secret that drones are a huge asset when it comes to search and rescue. With an eye in the sky, First Responders can cover a lot of ground that would be challenging by foot. We’ve seen drones equipped with thermal sensors find people countless times, often saving the lives of those who are injured or lost in hostile conditions. In fact, we wrote about one of those cases just today.

The Loc8 software does something else.

Take a close look

Imagine you’re looking for someone in broad daylight. They were last seen wearing blue jeans and a red shirt. Further, imagine they’re partially hidden by trees or some other obstruction. Maybe only a tiny part of their clothing is visible from above, with the rest of the person obscured. How would you go about finding them?

Well, if you were looking with a…


Source: dronedj.com