Two Yemeni men have appealed their case to a German court after they alleged their relatives were killed in US drone strikes that took off from the US-operated Ramstein Air Base in Ramstein-Miesenbach, Germany.

The appeal aims to overturn a court ruling from last year arguing that the German government must do more to protect “the plaintiffs’ right to life.”

The US military hasn’t acknowledged the attacks but shared that the base is only used to “conduct operational-level planning, monitoring, and assessment of assigned airpower missions throughout Europe and Africa.”

The appeal doesn’t take this for an answer, saying that it plays a much bigger role in US drone strikes than the court is lead to believe. The appeal also says that the court didn’t do enough research into the matter.

Andreas Schuller, head of ECCHR’s International Crimes and Accountability team, shared:

“Germany must do more to protect the right to life of the Jaber family. The danger…