The Air Force’s training drone washed up on a Florida beach

A United States Air Force target training drone surprised beachgoers last week when it washed up on a Florida beach. The aerial target drone is a part of the US Air Force’s weapons system evaluation program and was quickly picked up by the Air Force after being alerted to it.

The drone was found last Friday on a Florida beach after it is believed to have been shot down during a live-fire training exercise that took place a while ago. This means that there are likely more of these drones floating around at the bottom of the ocean waiting to wash up on a beach.

Lt. Savannah Bray, Air Force spokeswoman, shared that the drone is used during live-fire exercises to help train fighter pilots to become combat-ready. The BQM-167A drone is also used in training missions across the military.

Within a few hours of hitting the beach, the Air Force was on scene and removing the drone. It looks like they took out a black box or the drone’s brains first, as it likely held classified…