Drone-in-a-box firm Easy Aerial hires new COO

Easy Aerial, a company that specializes in drone-in-a-box solutions tailored for inspection, monitoring, and surveillance has announced a new COO. Pilot Timothy T. Tenne – who has a pretty impressive background with the FAA and the Air Force – is taking on the position. And he’ll be busy.

You’ve likely heard of the “drone-in-a-box” concept. Essentially, it’s a self-contained home base for drones that allows them to carry out repeated missions without any hands-on intervention. The box opens up and the drone takes off. When it has completed its flight, it returns to the same location and lands. Some sort of lid generally closes to protect the vehicle from the elements. Then the drone charges, hands off its data and perhaps runs a diagnostic check before heading out to the next mission.

This kind of system is perfect for regular inspection and surveillance missions. Assuming you’ve got FAA approval (or approval from the regulatory body where it’s deployed),…