Drone captures man’s quick thinking to save houseboats

A man’s quick thinking was captured by a drone earlier this week after a shipping container floating down the river was headed toward some houseboats. The unknown man managed to get out ahead of the houseboats with his much smaller one and ram it, taking it off its collision course.

The shipping container can be seen floating through the town of Wisemans Ferry in New South Wales, Australia. The container is believed to have been washed away by the floodwater that has made its way through the town over the last few days.

The container can be seen floating down the river and then hitting a nearby barge sitting on the riverbank in the video. The collision caused the barge to move a little, while the container continued downstream.

Shortly after, a small boat appeared out of nowhere, going straight for the shipping container. The boat drove straight into the container, causing it to slightly go off course and narrowly miss the nearby houseboats, saving them from…