We’re regulars on tons of different drone websites, including DJI. So when things change, we notice. And what we’ve just seen certainly grabbed our attention.

DJI has been selling its original FPV system, the original v1 Goggles, for a while now, and the FPV Air Unit system has proven immensely popular with First-Person View pilots around the world. So seeing those products on the DJI site has become kind of like second-nature. They’re just always there.

Until now.

A surprising message

If you head on over to the webpage of DJI’s old FPV system, you’ll be greeted with the following pop-up.

The wording isn’t very clear. Are they abandoning their original FPV series? Is there an Air Unit v2 on the horizon? Earlier this year, DJI stopped producing the v1 FPV goggles in favor of the v2 FPV goggles (which are compatible with v1 Air Units and Vistas). That stirred up some confusion, but it quickly settled down once the DJI FPV drone leaks started surfacing….


Source: dronedj.com