Canada has released a drone strategy document

There’s no doubt drones are here to stay. But as their roles increase, regulators are addressing a more comprehensive vision of how these devices fit into overall policies and priorities. Now, Canada has released a document outlining its vision until 2025.

Every single day, we receive news releases at DroneDJ from companies we haven’t heard of before. To us, that’s a signal of just how rapidly this field is expanding. New products, new technologies, new use-case scenarios. And for regulators, an ever-larger industry to safely integrate into airspace. Now, Transport Canada has released a document outlining the country’s strategy through 2025.

Let’s look at the highlights.

The foreword to the document makes it clear that drones are very much on their way to becoming mainstream. The work carried out by these devices, says the document, is creating brand-new industries and completely disrupting some existing ones. It foresees substantial economic benefits for the…