There’s a revolution under way when it comes to passenger-carrying aircraft. And there’s been a ton of buzz around Urban Air Mobility, generally focusing on aircraft like the EHang 216 autonomous drone. But there’s something new, and very intriguing, on the horizon.

Much of the buzz lately has been around Urban Air Mobility. That model envisions multi-rotor aircraft that can safely shuttle people and goods over an urban landscape while safely integrating with any low-flying manned aircraft. And undoubtedly, there will be a demand for such services, particularly in larger cities with congested ground traffic. Summon a ride with a phone app, hop in at a designated takeoff point, and the drone will safely whisk you to your destination.

But what if you want to go beyond city limits? What if, for example, you wanted to reach a city some 300 miles away? What if your destination didn’t even have an airport?


Those are kinds of questions that Talyn aims to solve. And…