Toshiba Invests in Fortem Technologies

Toshiba Fortem TechnologiesTech giant Toshiba and Fortem Technologies, Inc. have established a strategic partnership to expand the reach of both companies in counter drone tech.

Toshiba Infrastructure Systems & Solutions (Toshiba) has invested $15 million in Fortem, a leading player in the airspace security and counter drone sector.   The investment is one part of a strategic business alliance: Toshiba and Fortem Technologies will integrate their complementary counter drone solutions.

“The Fortem SkyDome® System is a highly accurate drone detection solution based on Fortem TrueView® radars that are easy to install and effective in urban environments. Also part of the system, Fortem DroneHunter® is an AI-enabled autonomous drone that can safely capture and remove rogue drones day and night,” says a Fortem press release.

“Toshiba has already commercialized a drone detection system that can determine the incoming direction and altitude of a drone by receiving radio waves emitted by the drone in…