Skydio 2 snowboarding follow autonomy impresses in first run (Video)

We’re big snowboarders in my family and I was finally able to get my hands on a Skydio 2 before the season ended for us this weekend. The fine folks at our favorite hill, Bromley Mountain in Southern Vermont told us we could do one run, away from ski lifts after shut down as ski patrol was heading down the mountain. The only problem (besides the slightly slushy snow)? I had just got the Skydio 2 and only flown it once. Would I be able to get it ready for the one run in just a matter of hours?

I’m obviously not a drone novice but this was the first time using a Skydio 2 in a follow type of scenario. I had been part of a team that used the original Skydio for a follow scene in an Electrek video but more as an interested observer.

Skydio vs the world (DJI)

Skydio’s reputation is that its drones are a little clunkier than DJI’s: Slightly heavier, slower, not as portable and with lower flight times overall vs the Mavic Air 2 or Mavic 2. But for ease of use and its…