Counter-drone company Fortem Technologies has formed a strategic alliance with multinational conglomerate Toshiba to work on a drone detection and mitigation system. The Toshiba Infrastructure Systems & Solutions Corporation also invested $15 million into Fortem Technologies.

In addition to Fortem using the investment to improve its products, the two will also integrate their systems and expand their offerings around the world. For those who aren’t aware, the Infrastructure Systems & Solutions division of Toshiba already has a counter-drone system limited to just detecting a rogue drone in the airspace.

The system uses a passive system to detect the drone. It then uses its built-in camera to locate the drone and point it out to a staff member. Fortem Technologies will take Toshiba’s RF detection expertise and work closely to create a product that takes the best technologies from both companies.

Timothy Bean, CEO of Fortem Technologies, shared:

“Toshiba is a…