A2Z makes its first residential drone deliveries with DroneUp

A2Z Drone Delivery recently completed the first commercial deployment of its RDS1 drone delivery system with the help of drone services provider DroneUp. The A2Z RSD1 drone was also chosen to make deliveries when Coca-Cola delivered its Coke with Coffee to residents in Coffee County, Georgia.

A2Z’s drone delivery system picks up the package and flies with it. Once at the delivery destination, the package free-falls from the drone while connected to a tether. Right before the package hits the ground, the tether is gently slowed down by a motor before the drone lowers a little to place the package on the ground.

Aaron Zhang, founder of A2Z Drone Delivery, shared:

“For our partners at DroneUp to put their trust in our system was the best proof of concept that we could imagine and was a memorable benchmark for our whole team. The unique capabilities of the RDS1 were tailor-made for this type of residential delivery where our tethered freefall mechanism can accurately and…