Tesla Texas Gigafactory drone construction update

As Tesla continues construction on its Austin Gigafactory, drone pilots have taken to the sky to capture the progression over time. This specific video comes from Jeff Roberts and looks at the construction progression from day 242, captured on Sunday.

The video first shows us a quick timelapse captured from the very first day of construction to the current day. The drone then flies around the factory, taking a closer look at all of the areas employees are currently working on.

The drone really helps us see the massive scale of the Gigafactory and the huge amount of space for it to be built, and the employees’ car park. The site is so huge that it even appears to have its own concrete production facility and office buildings.

In 2014, Tesla began looking for suitable locations within the state that could be used to produce electric cars and their batteries. This location then became Giga Nevada, formerly known as Gigafactory 1. In June of 2020, Tesla began to evaluate…