Scout Drone Inspection secures $3.2 million in funding round

Norwegian-based drone inspection company Scout Drone Inspection has secured 27.5 krone ($3.2) million in funding to develop its drones and related technologies further. The funding round was lead by Equinor Ventures and DNV, with support from existing shareholders.

Scout Drone Inspection (ScoutDI) produces inspection drones and the accompanying software solutions to allow companies to autonomously inspect assets, save time, and remove team members from dangerous environments.

The company’s current drone, Scout 137, is an inspection drone with a crash-proof cage around the propellers and a LiDAR scanner on top for obstacle avoidance for indoor inspections. The drone can also be tethered for longer flight times and improved safety.

The Scout 137 is equipped with a 4k camera that also streams in real-time to accompany cloud-based software. To help it see in low-light conditions, the drone is equipped with a 10,000-lumen light array that ensures everything in front and a few…