operation forever wing

Around the world, as commercial drone use grows and regulations develop, countries are faced with the problem of enforcing drone laws.  In the U.K., Operation Foreverwing brings together the home office, police and Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to act on drone crime.

A CAA press release says that the new campaign is “aimed at clamping down on drone-related crimes, after 336 drone-related incidents were recorded during the last five months in the UK.”

The collaboration could present a model for the rest of the world: bringing enforcement to the local level and clarifying the role of law enforcement in policing drone use.  While drone regulations are the responsibility of aviation authorities, drones present a new problem in enforcing those regulations.  With a low risk of consequences and the easy availability of powerful drones, aviation authorities have found it difficult to get some owners to comply.

Operation Foreverwing will help make the point in the U.K.  “The…


Source: dronelife.com