As drones fill Israel’s skies in the urban air mobility latest trial, news has been shared that the country wants to develop a national AI system in the next two years. The country hopes the system will control and manage all of the drones in the air from a central control room.

The Israel Urban Air Mobility Initiative is running the trial under the Israel Innovation Authority. Ayalon Highways, a state-owned highway builder in the country, created the Transportation Ministry, Civil Aviation Authority, and the Alternative Fuels Administration and Smart Mobility Initiative.

Eyal Zor, CEO and cofounder of Airwayz, a participating company, shared:

“I think it is one of the first worldwide drone experiments that test multiple drone operations over the urban skies. In two years, we will start seeing hundreds and hopefully, thousands of drones flying over our heads across cities with food deliveries, medicine supply, and industrial deliveries.”

At any one time, there will…