Elsight Halo Drone Enabling Technology

Elsight HaloConnectivity is critical for scaling drone operations – and the Elsight Halo is the tiny tool designed to ensure a secure and virtually unbreakable connection between drone and operator.  We spoke with Elsight’s VP of Global Sales and Alliances Scott Jonasz about the Elsight solution and traction and velocity in the drone industry.

Enabling Advanced Operations

The Elsight Halo is an enabling technology.  One reason that commercial drone operations have been limited by the requirement for visual observers and the single drone per single operator model is the risk that the connection between drone and command center could be lost.  When companies are able to effectively address that risk, as Elsight’s 6th Sense AI Connectivity feature does, they can then work towards getting regulatory approval to scale commercial drone operations to encompass BVLOS flight and other expanded operations.

With Halo and the regulatory permissions, says Jonasz, companies can start working up…