Californian police are looking into a drone’s role in a suspected drug dealer’s attempt to deliver heroin to his customers. As the police arrested the suspected drug dealer, he was flying a drone with what is believed to be heroin attached to it.

Last Friday, alleged drug dealer John Piani was arrested by narcotics detectives from the Simi Valley police force after investigation of heroin and methamphetamine deals in the Simi Valley area.

The detectives located Piani on the 900 block of Enchanted Way in Simi Valley, and he was arrested on the spot. During the arrest, Piani was flying a drone. The officers recovered it and saw what is believed to be heroin attached to it, suggesting the drone was being used to drop off drugs to customers.

Piani has now been jailed and has a bail amount of $125,000. It is unclear if he has an attorney, but he is expected to face a charge of felony possessing drugs for sale.

The Simi Valley police force is now investigating the drone…