Pizza is just the beginning: Israel’s drone delivery aims for the sky

Last week, the Central Elections Committee raised some eyebrows when it said it will deploy drones for Tuesday’s elections to monitor lines at 751 special polling stations set up for the sick and quarantined. If drone handlers see that the lines are too long, voters will be sent to other special polling stations in vans and taxis, the committee said.

Now, the country is conducting large-scale testing for the creation of a national drone network for commercial deliveries, medical transport and urban air mobility, in what is seen as the most progressive project of its type in the world.

A plan to deliver Pizza Hut pizzas by drone by the summer, which was revealed last month by The Jerusalem Post, was just a small part of the plan, which may lay the groundwork for autonomous drone deliveries throughout Israel in the coming years.

In early 2020, the Israel Innovation Authority, along with the Transportation Authority, Civil Aviation Authority and other government bodies came…