DJI Quickshot: autonomous drone flight made easy

As easy as it is to operate a drone, perfecting some of the more subtle flight techniques can be more complicated than they seem. It would seem that DJI figured out a few key things about us as humans – we like technology, we like photography, we like drones, we love those awesome aerial videos, and we do not want to practice to become great.

DJI Quickshot object detection follow me

Instant gratification is in the palm of your hand with the DJI Mavic series of drones, plus the Spark and some of the Phantom drones, with these self-piloted flight features called Quickshot. Four autonomous flight modes started it off by being just a tap away, more have been added since, getting you those epic selfie drone videos without having to learn how to fly.

Looking for some help learning to fly? We’re building up our pilot training material as we go, but we can get you started with the basics for now. If you are flying for pay, or any other form of compensation, you must operate under a different set of rules and possess a…