Unifly appointed as Port of Antwerp’s UTM provider

The Port of Antwerp, Belgium, has announced it has chosen Unifly to be its UTM technology provider to improve airspace safety. The move will make the Port of Antwerp the first seaport to manage its own airspace.

Apart from managing its own airspace, the seaport will be responsible for managing ground risk related to above-the-ground activity concerning operational and working drones, overall safety, and seamless integration of processes required.

The Port of Antwerp decided to manage its airspace as it plans to manage multiple workflows, multi-layered authorization process, and robust real-time surveillance and detection capabilities, which means multiple drones in the air at a single time, with the possibility for crewed aircraft in the area as well.

Unifly was chosen for the job as it has a proven track record in Belgium as it has already rolled out UTM systems throughout Belgium, Canada, and Germany. It has also been working closely with the seaport over the last few…