Turn your DJI Mavic Mini into an FPV drone

Have you ever wanted to go faster with your DJI Mavic Mini? RCwithAdam has and converted his Mavic Mini into a sleeper FPV drone in his latest video. Converting the drone over does involve modifications to the Mavic Mini, voiding the warranty for sure.

The first thing Adam does is tear down the Mavic Mini, taking out the original flight controller, camera, downward-facing sensor board, and the compass and GPS. Pretty much just leaving the shell and the motors in place.

He then switched to new electronics that you would normally find in an FPV drone. It was then time to put all of the new electronics into the tiny drone, which was a bit of a tight squeeze. Eventually, Adam managed to fit everything in and solder the motors and the rest of the electronics into the drone.

Next on the install list was the FPV camera. Adam mounted it in the same spot as the original camera was placed using a few foam pieces to remove vibrations and a swivel mount to position the camera. To make…