So your brand spanking new DJI FPV Combo has arrived. You’re thrilled. You open the new box and pull out those goggles. You read the instructions and try to get everything going. And then? They don’t work.

There’s no question DJI’s digital FPV goggles are pretty amazing. When the first iteration of this product was released, they quickly became the go-to goggles for FPV drone pilots. Pilots around the world were willing to shell out for the product and pour more money into retrofitting their quads to fly with the FPV Air unit, or a Caddx Vista. All good, right?

And then came DJI’s FPV Combo.


A lot of people were able to activate their systems without issue when they received the combo. But others were not. And one of those people is Ryan Smith.

Ryan got in touch with us to share his frustration with the goggles. Let’s look at Ryan’s story; he’s not alone.


Ryan has been around the drone scene for about 5-1/2 years. He knows how to…