SmallRig, best known for its camera cages, has entered the drone market with its accessories line for the DJI FPV drone. The company has two products on offer to improve the aerodynamics of the drone and allow for an extra camera to be mounted to the drone.

Camera cover

The first product on offer from SmallRig is a gimbal and camera cover used while the drone is flying. The cover has been molded to the shape of the drone to improve the aerodynamics of the drone. It reduces the gimbal’s wind resistance, theoretically allowing you to save battery life as the gimbal doesn’t have to work as hard anymore.

The gimbal cover mounts to the drone using two pre-applied strips of 3M tape on the bottom and its top. This should be more than enough to keep it on in flight, but we’d only really know once testing it. This can be pre-ordered at a discounted price from SmallRig’s website right now for $12.90.

Aerodynamics kit

The second product on offer is the aerodynamics kit, which…