How illegal drone jammers are sold to Europe

As increasing use of drones causes more and more public irritation, citizens might ponder how to combat drones on their own, possibly using the sort of jamming devices that are Illegal in the UK. In an attempt to expose the practice, E&T tested how it is to buy one, revealing how they are being sold and shipped from Asia.

Drones can be invasive and irritating, and as their use has spiralled during lockdown, so has the number of complaints about them. We don’t have confirmed UK statistics yet and have to rely on figures from individual police forces, but the trend seems clear, pointing towards a growing problem.

The reason behind burgeoning complaints is probably a mixed bag of factors. A surge in drone use, both by law-enforcement services and hobbyists, may have been caused by more solitary time under lockdown restrictions and tight regulations across the UK. All may have contributed to what some…