DJI Adds Enterprise Drones to Online Store in Surprise Move

It’s no surprise that DJI is the world leader in consumer drones, with a market share north of 70% globally.  But DJI’s enterprise division, which provides aerial drone solutions to industries like agriculture, mining, construction, surveying, and more has been offering it’s enterpise drones operating exclusively through a network of authorized dealers.

Drones like the Matrice 300 RTK, Mavic 2 Enterprise and Phantom 4 RTK that were previously only available through dealers will now be available for purchase online, directly from the DJI website.

“The Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced starts at $6,300 so you better be 100% confident that it’s the drone you need and it will do what you need it to do. That is what a dealer is there to help you with.”

In a competitive sales environment, dealers also now have to compete with the product manufacturer for online sales.  Unlike consumer drones like the recently released Mavic Air 2 that shoots 4K video and captures 48MP stills,…