It’s always nice to be recognized for great work. And in the world of drones, it’s great to be a winner in the annual SkyPixel competition.

SkyPixel is a great resource for the drone community. It’s a place where tons of people from around the world post their best photos and videos, chat with others in the same space, and learn. Whether it’s about manual camera settings, ND filters, or simply the best locations to go and capture breathtaking images, SkyPixel is the bomb. And once a year, the site recognizes the best of the best.

That time is now. After sifting through 26,000 images from creators in 136 countries, it has selected those it feels represent the best of the best.

SkyPixel winners

There are multiple categories, of course. But the Big Kahuna seems to be the video. And here, the winner is Ellis van Jason. DJI, which runs SkyPixel, revealed the winner with this Tweet: