There are a few drones that have paved the way for all others on the market, machines that many people identify at a glance, or are what people think of when they think of the word “drone.” We believe the DJI Phantom line is perhaps the most iconic drone around, but it is hard to ignore the presence of the Inspire, the multitude of props on the Typhoon and the extremely popular folding design of the Mavic Pro.

    • 23 – Minutes
    • 1080p – 30 FPS
    • 36 – MPH
    • 3.1 – MILES

    An icon in its time, the DJI Phantom 3 became the iconic drone that comes to mind when you hear the word drone.

    • 18 – Minutes
    • 4K – 30 FPS
    • 49 – MPH
    • 4.3 – MILES

    The DJI Inspire rapidly became a dream drone for many, with retracting landing gear and more, it is just a cool drone.

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