Photo of iFlight iF8 remote controller

Similar to the Jumper T-Lite, the iFlight iF8 also adopts the CC2500 Multi-protocol RF chip. The remote controller is compatible with both, US and Europe RF regulations. Following the included instructions you toggle between FCC and LBT modes.

The front panel is very clean, besides the two control sticks and power switch, there are only 5 status LEDs. It has two shoulders switches on each side. 3-positions on front and 2-positions on the rear. The 2dBi antenna is builtin without the possibility to upgrade it.

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Being powered by a 3.7V 1000mAh battery I expect about 2 hours of working time. Charging the builtin LIPO can be done via the USB Type-C port on top of the controller.

iFlight iF8 transmitter features and specs

  • Game controller style design;
  • OpenTX iF8 Edition (Special iF8 Edition);
  • Up to 8 channels;
  • 4 shoulder switches;
  • CC2500 Multi-protocol RF chip;
  • FCC (US) and LBT (EU) region selection;
  • D8 / D16 v1 FCC / D16 v1 LBT / D16…