A crowdfunded FPV dealer sues the FAA over Remote ID rule

The owner of a business specializing in First Person View drone products and accessories has launched an action challenging the validity of the Federal Aviation Administration’s Remote ID Rule. It’s a significant move, with implications for everyone who flies a drone or RC aircraft.

In late December of last year, the FAA released its new Remote ID rule. We wrote about that here, along with industry reaction to the move. At its most basic, the Remote ID rule will require all drones to transmit location and identification information wirelessly, and will probably involve either WiFi or Bluetooth. It’s often referred to as a “digital license plate” – and anyone with the right app will be able to receive this information when it’s in full swing some 30 months or so from now.

Those numbers, like a real license plate, don’t reveal your name or personal information. Only the FAA, and where necessary, law enforcement would be able to obtain the personal…