D-Fend Solutions releases counter-drone survey results

A big player in the counter-drone space, D-Fend Solutions has just released survey results discussing counter-drone measures. The survey found that traditional counter-drone systems – jamming and kinetic – are viewed as being inadequate.

The survey took a look at current small counter-drone systems. It surveyed security personal worldwide, with 40% being in the special forces or military, 23% in national and homeland security, 19% in law enforcement agencies, and 18% from a wide range of backgrounds.

Sixty-three percent of the participants said they saw an increase in drone-related incidents over the last year, with 42% being involved in six or more rogue drone incidents throughout the same time period.

Even though drone incidents are on the rise every year, security personal are worried about the limitations the current counter-drone technology is bound to. Fifty-nine percent or 6 out of 10 respondents said that the potential for collateral damage with kinetic…