cinematic (Top 3 cinematic FPV videos)

Just like any other discipline, FPV branches out into several sub-disciplines. Different quads, different videos, different styles. In this new semi-weekly column, we focus on one style of FPV, talk about what makes it special, and watch some of the best videos from that “school.”

What makes an FPV video cinematic? Well, it usually involves a blend of most of the following: smooth flying, grand locations, the use of stabilization, sound design, time ramping (slowing down and speeding up footage), less acrobatic movement, more wide-angle shots, and long lines. Cinematic videos focus more on visuals, maybe telling a story. It’s less about the flying, more about the shots and the edit. Cinematic pilots hone different skills, including lining up a shot and the ability to consistently get that good shot.

As for the quads, with the exception of CineWhoops and CineLifters (we’re going to cover those another time), they tend to be built with smoother flight and longer…