Network provider O2 is working with drone company Skyfarer to get delivery drones into the air to deliver COVID-19 supplies and blood samples. The two are also working on creating the necessary infrastructure to fly the drones safely.

The trial’s goal is to see if the delivery drones will be able to speed up patient response and sample turnaround times while also transporting blood transfusions in a shorter amount of time.

The two companies already tested the technology last year during a trial to deliver PPE and COVID-19 test kits to the remote Argyll and Bute islands. This is the first time the tests have been brought to the mainland United Kingdom.

If the trials go to plan and are passed off by the related agencies, they will allow for same-day delivery across much of the UK without needing an operator to be flying the drones.

Elliot Parnham, founder and CEO at Skyfarer, shared:

“Our future flight challenge project backed by UKRI will bring medical drone delivery to…