Ever since we started reporting on drones 2016, two phenomenon have emerged: prices keep going lower and quality keeps going higher. Back then it would have been a challeng a good quality drone under $500 that didn’t have some shortcomings compared to models today.

Drone industry leader DJI recognized early on that the sub-$500 price point was an untapped market and created their first entry-level drone, the Spark, to fill it. Quickly. Spark had 16 minute battery life, 1080p30fps video, 12MP stills and Intelligent Flight Modes. But it was that short battery life and a weak wifi-enabled controller that ultimately doomed the Spark once better models came along.

Don’t Sacrifice Quality

DJI launched the original Mavic Mini in the fall of 2019 with some incredible features for such a tiny aircraft. Under 250 grams so no license required in many countries. 30 minute flight time and improved image/video performance made it an instant hit.

But the original Mini struggled in the…


Source: dronereviewsandnews.com