Nuvem UAV releases the Spectral 2 mapping drone

Brazilian drone maker Nuvem UAV has released its Spectral 2 mapping drone with support for a wide range of plug-and-play payloads. The Spectral 2 has support for MicaSene, FLIR, and its own custom mapping sensors.

With a sensor onboard, the Spectral 2 has a flight time of one hour, with the ability to cover 400 hectares per flight. The drone features folding arms, making it easy to transport and store away, with a range of 6 km and a 14 m/s cruise speed.

The drone uses a standard connector that allows sensors to be quickly swapped in and out on the one-axis gimbal that ensures the sensor points toward the ground at all times. Right now, the Spectral 2 is compatible with the MicaSense Rededge MX and Altum, the DLIR DUO PRO, and the company’s own NVM 24MP RGB sensor.

The drone’s case can support batteries, allowing for up to three hours of flight time, and the flight can be fully automated from takeoff to landing. It can fly in winds of up to 12 m/s and comes with a…