What should you do if you somehow strand your drone on top of a very tall industrial building? Well, in this case, the answer was to initiate an aerial rescue – using an Inspire 2.

While checking out another video, we happened to stumble across this little rescue scene, which attracted the attention of a local television station. Though we don’t speak Spanish, there’s not much doubt about what happened here. Someone got their DJI Phantom 4 (or maybe it’s a P4P) stuck on the edge of the roof of a tall building.

A very, very tall building. And in a position where it looks as though it would have been very difficult to rescue by hand, even if you had roof access.

Stranded Phantom

You don’t need to understand Spanish (though it’s great if you do) to grasp what’s going on here. Someone stranded their Phantom atop a monstrously tall building. Someone else, with an Inspire 2, opted for a rescue mission. So they went to a hardware store, but a few widgets, and…


Source: dronedj.com