You ordered your DJI FPV drone, directly from the company. A courier company comes to deliver your box. You open it only to discover it’s been bricked. And no, we don’t mean electronically locked up. We mean replaced with a brick.

We’ve all heard of the porch pirate phenomenon by now. A box is delivered to your home and left on the porch or outside the door. Someone driving by spots it. They hop out, grab the box, jump back in the car, and take off. It happens all the time, despite the great efforts of engineer/vigilante Mark Rober. There are also rip-offs where, somewhere along the delivery line, someone removes the product from the box and replaces it with a weight.

And, apparently, has happened to someone who ordered the DJI FPV Drone.


The story comes to us via Facebook post. The person who was supposed to receive the drone is Bryan Bailey of Lewisville, Texas. He’d ordered the DJI FPV drone directly from the company. And he was thrilled when the…