5 Ways of Safeguarding Drones Against Hackers

5 Ways of Safeguarding Drones Against Hackers

Drones can be easily exposed to hacking leading to catastrophic outcomes.

Previously known to serve only military purposes, drones are now transforming various sectors across the globe with their groundbreaking ability to fly without a human controller. It is impressive to see how scholars, drone makers, and different companies are exploring new areas to make the best use of drones. However, due to the growing market demand and the need to gain competitive edge, drone makers often fail to consider hacking and other security issues. In the haste to intensify sales against competitors, drone manufacturers fail to contemplate robust cybersecurity defense policies and mechanism for ensuring drone safety. If this behavior persists, we will soon be experiencing scenarios similar to IoT data breaches. Not only makers but also consumers should ensure drone safety.

One big way for malicious actors to disturb the smooth working of drones is by identifying glitches in its underlying…