Yemen’s Houthis hit Saudi Arabia airports with drones again

Yemen’s Houthi forces have once again announced that they have hit neighboring Saudi Arabian airports with attack drones as the group continues to face off against the Saudi-led military. The news comes directly from the group’s spokesperson Yahya Sarea.

The drone attacks appear to be the first since they stopped about a week ago. According to Sarea, three drones were fired at military targets at the Abha airport and the King Khalid airbase in the town of Khamis Mushait.

The spokesperson then went on to say that the targets were successfully hit. The Saudi military then confirmed that it had intercepted a Houthi drone, but no other information was shared about the attacks.

Last month a Houthi attack drone punched a hole in the side of a parked Saudi airliner. The plane was parked at the previously attacked Abha regional airport when four drones reportedly made their way to the airport. One of the drones targeted the plane, punching a fairly large hole in the side of…