Why a seasoned FPV pilot isn’t keen on DJI’s FPV drone

Want to start flying FPV? Is DJI’s new offering a good option? How does it compare to a traditional FPV rig? Here’s a quick overview of the new DJI FPV combo and things you should consider before buying it – all from the perspective of an experienced FPV pilot.

Earlier this month, DJI released its latest drone and first take at a commercialized, pre-built, user-friendly FPV quadcopter. With it, the company accomplished two things. First, it made FPV more easily accessible to the average consumer by removing the traditional learning curve that accompanies getting into FPV (choosing your gear; building your first quad; the trial and error; the smell of burned electronics while you learn how to build it and fly it). Second, it dropped a bomb on the FPV community on social networks, igniting heated discussions and reactions but also bringing on a wave of memes and crash pictures.

We knew it was coming. It was after all DJI’s most-leaked release ever, and now that some…