Well, that blew up fast. Last week, soon after Jay Christensen of Rally Studios in Minneapolis posted his now-famous Right Up Our Alley video, it went viral. And deservedly so.

We knew when we saw it that this video would go somewhere. I mean, it had everything: Great shooting, amazing locations – it even featured quotes from the iconic comedy The Big Lebowski. The video was also great for a couple of other reasons: It told a story, revealing multiple different scenes as the drone moved through the location. Plus, there were some really tight shots as Jay squirted the drone through some tight passages smoothly and seamlessly.

People noticed.

Global attention

It wasn’t long before the world was knocking at Jay’s door, or at least many reporters. The story was featured in a myriad of news publications, including this take in the New York Times. Hollywood directors praised it… with one even tweeting that he might like to hire Jay for the next Guardian of the Galaxies


Source: dronedj.com